In the last ten years, many of us have realized that our digital devices use us more than we use them. At AddictedToTech, we discuss technology use and provide solutions to your problems with using technology consciously and productively. Thes solutions may involve discarding some technologies, but they may instead involve using existing technologies in a different way, or using new technologies altogether.

One major theme of AddictedToTech is technology addiction. The term “addiction” has traditionally been used for physical substances, but we have begun to realize that our relationship with some technologies can be accurately classified as addictive. At AddictedToTech, we’ll work together to diagnose the causes of our problems with technology addiction, and develop and find tools to fight it.

  • Breaking technology addiction is difficult, but there are several tools we can use to assist the fight. The most obvious tools are Internet blockers, but you might also consider moving from a smart phone to a flip phone, or attending support groups. I discuss all of these, and other tools in the Tools section.
  • I’m not the only one talking about technology addiction. I read many books on internet/technology addiction and related topics as part of the research I do for this website. If you’re interested in a summary of some book and my take on it, or you’re just looking for something to read, check out the Books section.
  • I’m the creator and current main developer of Chomper – the only actively developed Internet blocker available for Linux Desktop. You can read more about Chomper here, and you can also check out the GitHub repository.
  • Finally, I maintain a blog where I’ll write about new ideas and tools for battling technology addiction, news related to technology addiction, and development updates for Chomper.